Monday, June 30, 2008

Zunafish lets you trade those items for new titles you'd rather have

What Company Is Offering:
Zunafish lets you trade those items for new titles you'd rather have. Zunafish makes it very simple, just sign up, list the stuff you want to get rid of, pick the stuff you want to get and watch trade offers arrive. No minimum number of trades and all you have to pay is $1 per trade. Instead of storing those items and letting it all get filled with dusts, trade it for something you want at Zunafish.

How It Works:

The first step is to pick a screen name and password. You'll then be taken to the "Post My Stuff" page. Here you'll post the DVDs, CDs, paperback books or other items you're through with and would like to trade for something new. All items you plan on trading must be playable or readable, and you'll be asked to honestly rate their condition.
Once you list your media items, they join the master list of the entire Zunafish community. At that point, you are free to search the listings and click on any title you'd like to own.

When you click on a title, you automatically inform all the people who own that item that there's someone out there who wants it and is willing to make a trade. These members are then invited to browse your media collection to see if you possess anything of interest to them. (They only see your screen name at this point; no other info about you is revealed.) If they choose something, you're informed of their trade offer.

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