Monday, June 30, 2008

Muchobene connects you instantly to someone who can help you

What Company Is Offering:
Muchobene is the first technology that connects you instantly to your online peers.
Muchobene connects you instantly to someone who can help you.

You select a network related to the topic you are asking about. Then enter and submit your question either from the Muchobene site or from our partners' site. You do not need to provide a profile, create a username or remember a password.

Their power engine identifies and connects you in real-time to the people currently online who appear to be most competent to assist you - either in a given partner community or in other user groups. Converse freely and rate your conversation at the end.

How It Works:
Muchobene plug-in and join your favorite networks. If Muchobene routes a question to you, a pop-up will appear and show you a question. You can accept the question and respond to it, or decline to answer. As the community grows your help will be requested every now and then. If you have chosen the Ask Me! status, you may be invited to participate more frequently.

Theirr partners and Muchobene are committed to offering you the best possible responses to your question at any given time based on who is online.

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