Friday, February 22, 2008

Anpedia helps you find local and nationwide business information

What Company Is Offering:

Anpedia helps you find local and nationwide business listings quickly and easily. Their business search tools make it easy for you to look up local business names, addresses, phone numbers, web addresses, and other business information.

How It Works:

Rate and review your favorite restaurants, bars, dentists, doctors, beauty salons or any other businesses or places that you visit in your local community. Tag any business listings to make it easier to find later. And personalize Anpedia by selecting a search box color that matches your own tastes.

Use Anpedia reverse directory search to find local businesses using phone numbers and addresses. With Anpedia, it's fast and easy to do reverse lookup of local cities, zip codes, and area codes.

Use Anpedia mobile search to find local information from your phone or PDA devices -- anytime and anywhere.

Start browsing today, discover a new business, and write a review.

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