Friday, February 22, 2008

Streem is microblogging tool

What Company Says:
Streem, it's a serious attempt to help define the next iteration of weblogging and social media, or to be the Apple to Facebook's Microsoft, or something.

What are the ideas behind making it:
In a social network, producing content should be an active process and assembling an audience should be effortless. Instead of monitoring my behavior and relaying it to people I tell you I trust, let me share what I choose to and you can show it to whoever's interested. More eyeballs, less paranoia.

Pull the blogger down from the stage and into the crowd. When you flatten the relationship between posts and comments, commenters become publishers in their own right, and content becomes less lonely.

Many of the tools they're using to put stuff online are out of sync with the shrinking timescale of real-world activity. Slice content into tiny pieces and you remove the psychological barriers to producing it. This is obvious by now.

They're not so different: when everyone's posts are made of the same molecules, they can merge and separate in useful and exciting ways.
Design isn't everything, but it's pretty close.

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