Friday, February 22, 2008

RecruiTT - --Unique Concept Of Online Recruitment

What Company Is Offering:
Recruitt enables employers to interview prospective candidates online. Jobs are posted with online interviews set by the employer. Candidates can apply by completing the interview. Traditionally, recruitment agencies provide the gateway between candidates and employers, sifting CVs to find candidates to present to the employer for consideration. Recruitt replaces that need by providing a service which allows candidates to stand out from the crowd by presenting themselves directly to employers via the online interview.

How It Works:

With Recruitt, you have the opportunity to shine in front of a prospective employer by completing an online interview set directly by the employer. Avoiding the middle man (recruitment agencies) saves time and effort and gives you the opportunity to get your CV in front of the real decision makers – the employers.

When the employer set the question, they also set the answers that their ideal candidate would reply with and gives each question points (‘Other’ type questions are not scored but may further help employers filter

candidates.) If your answer meets their requirements, you are allocated the points and at the end of the interview, your points are totalled. Any candidates achieving the minimum pass score set by the employer will have their CV sent to the employer directly.

This will mean that you will only be put forward for jobs that you are more likely to be recruited for, saving effort, time and money.

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