Friday, February 22, 2008

JukeDuke---unique 'zip code powered' employment search service

What Company is Offering:

JukeDuke have created their unique 'zip code powered' employment search service, which quickly connects employees with employers in their own area.

How It Works:

With JukeDuke, employees can create their own unique profile pages, by uploading pictures, and entering information about themselves, their experiences, and what they are looking for in a job. Employers can then search these pages, and find the exact employees they are looking for.

Unlike a traditional resume, a profile page is highly personalized, even putting a face to the name. Providing employers with everything they need upfront streamlines the hiring process, and shortens interview time. A whole team can be assembled within minutes. Missing staff can be replaced quickly, without creating delays.

No other site is powered via zip codes.

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