Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Boomi is a leading provider of business integration solutions for small and mid-sized business

What Company Is Offering:
Boomi is a leading provider of business integration solutions for small and mid-sized business (SMBs). Boomi was founded on the premise of making powerful integration capabilities available to SMBs who have challenging integration requirements but cannot afford the time and expense associated with implementing complex integration solutions typically employed by larger enterprises.

How It Works:
Boomi’s unique Visual Integration Technology SM allows companies to integrate applications, trading partners and data with point-and-click ease in one solution that can be deployed on premise or on demand. Using a visual process designer, users drag and drop integration components from a palette onto a “canvas” to build very simple to very sophisticated integration solutions. Integration configurations are built automatically and in the vast majority of cases, no further coding is required. Implementations are accomplished with exceptional speed – typically in days, not weeks, months or years – allowing customers to quickly realize the return on their investment in Boomi. Actively developed for over seven years, the technology has reached a high level of functionality and sophistication.

The combination of ease-of-use, no programming and speed of implementation makes Boomi an ideal solution for SMBs.

How This Company Is Going:
Boomi has over 400 clients in 11 countries ranging in size from $20 million in revenues to over $1 billion in revenues – corporations such as Puma, Nutri-Systems, Raleys, Harris Tea and D&H Distributors. Clients include 19 of the top 100 third-party logistics companies and six of the top twelve cold-storage companies in the United States. Boomi has earned a reputation for outstanding customer support and enjoys an extremely high level of client satisfaction and retention.

More at:http://www.boomi.com/

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