Tuesday, February 19, 2008

YouNoodle ---Startup Success Predictor

What Company Is Offering:
YouNoodle helps people and groups that are interested in startups and innovation do what they do better. It appears that the device has now been translated into Artificial Intelligence software in the form of a startup success predictor. The software will be used to predict whether a startup will be successful or not.They provide business competition, event, networking and mailing list functionality for real-world groups that support startup communities. For investors, they're building technology to help inform their decisions.

YouNoodle.com is a place to discover and get involved with the hottest startups and university innovation that's happening right now.

How It Works:

YouNoodle is a place for startups and early-stage ventures. Discover and get involved with the ones that you're interested in, and promote your own. If you're at a startup, add it to the network to attract team members, get exposure and build a following. Otherwise, create a profile and browse the site to find startups you're interested in. They offer powerful tools for startup clubs, conferences and startup competitions, such as full business competition management, events and newsletters.

Startups on YouNoodle range from companies in stealth mode who haven't even launched and are looking to recruit, to others that have been around for a couple of years and are already making significant amounts of revenue.

Content posted to YouNoodle is entirely open. If there is something you don't want to share, probably best not to post it on the Internet. Startup pages do have a 'Publicity' setting so you can indicate whether you are open to receiving media attention. Share as little or as much as you are comfortable with. This is a place to find team members, investors, advisors, early-adopters and media exposure. If you're not interested in finding those things, join YouNoodle later on.

More at:http://www.younoodle.com/

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