Tuesday, February 19, 2008

BuzzShed---Get Paid For Watching Videos

What Company Is Offering:
BuzzShed is a community of members who discover and share great videos, and make some money watching video advertising.

As a member you can add videos to BuzzShed, then other members will rate your video using our Buzz or Bury rating system - creating buzz about the videos that really rock, and burying the rest.

How It Works:

When you sign up with BuzzShed, they'll ask you for some basic information about your lifestyle and personal interests. They'll then anonymously group your information together with all other members, to help them find the best audience for their videos.

Then when an advertiser wants to distribute a video, say a preview of the next Harry Potter movie, we might send a BuzzClip to all members under 25 who like reading books and going to movies. If you meet these criteria you'll receive an email linking to a video on the BuzzShed website, and we'll credit 30 cents to your account once you've watched it.
A BuzzClip is an email they'll send you when an advertiser is distributing a video they think will interest you. The email will contain a link to a video on the BuzzShed website, and once you've watched the video we'll credit 30 cents to your account.

The videos will be from your favourite stores, manufacturers, cell phone providers, and other interesting companies.

More at:http://www.buzzshed.com/

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