Tuesday, February 19, 2008

InterNations---Connecting Global Minds

What Company Is Offering:
InterNations is the first international online Social Network exclusively for people living and working abroad. As a network of trust, InterNations is a place where its members can interact with other internationally-minded individuals sharing the same situation abroad, similar interests, and needs.

How It Works:
Members of InterNations can get and keep in touch with private or work-related friends and acquaintances on a global and local level and exchange trustworthy and relevant information on specific topics with each other.

InterNations appeals to the international community where they live: diplomats, members of international organisations (IGOs, NGOs), foreign correspondents, and expatriates of international companies as well as their accompanying family members who take care of organising everyday life and social activities. Moreover, InterNations also addresses local people who have strong connections to the international community (government representatives, journalists).

The community of InterNations has global reach with local grounding: The international network is represented by more than 200 local communities across all countries of the world. Thus, InterNations it not only a cross-boundary network of international people but also a place where members of all kinds of nationalities and cultures can get together and share opinions and information on local circumstances and particularities.

More at:http://www.internations.org/

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