Monday, April 7, 2008 Professional Artists

What Company Is Offering:'s mission is to provide the entire music industry, from Joe to Pro, a forum to meet new people, advance their career, and privately perform business as usual. Their mission is to offer a number of indispensable services for every facet of the music industry; services that will soon prove to be the industry standard.

How It Works:

Their mission is for to become synonymous with music as a whole. They plan to accomplish this by harnessing the power of innovation, foresight, hard work, and integrity.They are the world's first fully integrated social network designed specifically for musicians, bands, and the professional music industry. A private network that caters to musicians...NOT the fans. They offer ALL of the core social networking features you have already grown to love on applications such as Facebook, Myspace, and Friendster. However, was conceptualized and created by a team of musicians, recording industry experts, and web developers to offer a free web 2.0 experience tailored to the needs and tastes of musicians & bands.

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