Monday, April 7, 2008

Wadja is all about the internet on your mobile phone

What Company Is Offering:
Wadja is a mobile web, media and social messaging service, managing your communication and interaction from trusted sources (friends, family and address book contacts). Wadja is accessible on any mobile web device, from anywhere in the world!

How It Works:

Wadja is all about the internet on your mobile phone. You name the device, and chances are your Wadja Services will play on it. Make friends, send text (sms) messages, share photos, music, and video clips from one mobile phone to another. Geography, service provider, handset, screen doesn't matter, Wadja goes where you go.

Wadja makes the Mobile Web as easy as a Koala climbs trees! Create your mobile profile or site and share it with all your mates anywhere in the world.

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