Monday, April 7, 2008

SheZoomer----Women's Video Site

What Company Is Offering:
SheZoomers's great desire is to create a vibrant community that encourages people to do something they've never done before. Whether it's getting that funky haircut, buying that bold print blouse that may shock your monochromatic wardrobe, getting your financial house in order, going somewhere you've never been before, asking for the promotion-you-so-richly-deserve-but-your-boss-has-somehow-forgotten-to-offer-you, or saying something you've always wanted to say to someone you care about but couldn't quite find a way. Trying new things and achieving new heights - cliché or not - is a great feeling and SheZoom wants to play a little role in making that happen.

How It Works:

"Sign In." Click the link and it will generate a short yet amusing form to fill out. Fill it out, hit "Submit"...Welcome! You're a SheZoom member. If you go check your email, you'll receive an email confirming your email address in a New York minute.

Uploading video is simply a snap at SheZoom. When you click the Upload link on the right-hand side of any SheZoom page, you'll be asked to select a video file on your computer to upload. Now, fill out the form, telling us a few things about your video. Click the Submit button and voilĂ ! Your video's gone to SheZoom for review.

SheZoom makes every effort to review all videos within 48 hours, with the exception of major holidays and weekends, and really really important parties, and, you know, sometimes someone needs a mental health day here and there, or has cramps or a migraine or whatever. Even so, it's rarely more than 48 hours.

Embedding a SheZoom video - always tastefully dressed in its natty, custom-made SheZoom player - in your favorite content-sharing site is pretty easy. You can embed a video right into your blog or other personal website by clicking the Share link to the right of the video viewer and copying the Embed code and pasting it into your site. Your video will appear wherever you asked it to appear.

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